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Research shows high fat diet causes brain damage

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef By now, most of us know that eating a high fat diet can cause damage to our bodies by adding extra pounds, clogging our arteries and straining our heart, among other things. But a new study recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation suggests that individuals who partake in a […]

Quit Smoking, Naturally

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef With the New Year upon us and resolutions abound, many people will be trying to kick their less than healthy habits. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions that is made each year is the commitment to quit smoking. Known to be as addictive as cocaine and heroine, cigarettes contain […]

Best natural makeup to hide wrinkles

There are many challenges when it comes to choosing the best makeup—especially when you want to cover fine lines and wrinkles. One of the biggest hurdles we’ve come across is finding a natural makeup that won’t looked caked on the skin (which makes wrinkles look worse). Over the years, we’ve tried lots of brands and […]

Healthy Holiday Gifts Under $25

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef The holiday season is once again upon us, and so thus is the season of giving. If you are looking for great, natural gifts on a budget, you needn’t look any further. We, at Natural Products Networks, have put together a list of some of our favorite healthy holiday gifts under $25; […]

Cheers to Your Health: Learn About Biodynamic Wine

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef  For many, wine is imbedded in their culture throughout history as an important element of a nourishing meal – present at every social gathering, used to celebrate, to mourn, in the company of others, or in solitude. Some even believe that drinking spirits with a meal aids in proper digestion. So […]

Tis the season for biodynamic wines

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef Recently, Natural Products Network featured an article toting the benefits of producing and consuming biodynamic wines. Many of our readers responded with some great commentary and a few of their favorite biodynamic labels. Thrilled with the feedback, we wanted to continue the discussion by sharing those recommendations, and some more of […]

The good germ that fights aging

When’s the last time that you heard the word germ used in a positive way….maybe never? Well, then you’ll be surprised to learn that there is one germ that is actually very good for you and can even help you look and feel years younger. So what is this mystery germ anyway? Found in every […]

Natural products celebrities rave about

It’s interesting to check out the natural products celebrities count on to stay looking young and fabulous.  For instance, did you know that David Beckham raves about a natural product that helped him heal from an injury? Check out a list we put together of some cool celebs fave natural picks. 1. Madonna – The Queen of pop uses Dr. Hauschka’s […]

Conquer Flu Fear

It’s that time again when people start worrying about getting sick. In a past post, we mentioned how Bach Flower Remedies can be used if someone is experiencing a great deal of fear over the negative media coverage surrounding the flu. Then, a reader (Thanks Nancy!) gave us a tip on an article that the […]

Looking for natural product reviewers

The Natural Products Network is currently seeking people who are interested in trying natural products and then sharing their reviews. Participants will receive natural products each month to check out and share their thoughts about them. No hidden cost or pyramid scheme! Just looking for good folks who love natural products. To learn more, please […]

Concerned about cell phone radiation? These natural products can help!

There is an ongoing debate about cell phone radiation and how it affects us. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) reclassified cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” which sparked increased interest. Although the ramifications are not clear, there are studies that indicate that cell phone radiation might be dangerous. Perhaps the most damming case […]

Is your food really natural? How to interpret food labels

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef When we were younger, there wasn’t a lot of information about the ingredients in the foods that we ate. Processed foods were a major part of our diets because they were quicker, easier and cheaper. Today, processed foods containing synthetic ingredients, obscene amounts of sodium and very little nutritional value, make […]

Study finds coffee fights depression

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef Good news about your morning brew! Recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a study was conducted that supported the claim that coffee consumption was directly related to a reduction in depression in women, and even some men. It seems the more coffee you drink, the less likely it is […]