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Nobel Prize-winning scientist endorses homeopathic remedies

For years there has been on ongoing discussion in the medical community about homeopathy. Now, a prominent Nobel Prize-winning scientist has made a profound discovery that is rocking the medical and scientific communities. The scientist, Professor Luc Montagnier, has completed research that shows the scientific basis for homeopathy. Professor Montagnier’s finding is important because it […]

Homeopathy for Athletes

Whether you’re a professional racer zooming towards the finish line, or an amateur out on a Sunday afternoon, fitness goals remain a huge part of being an athlete at any level. In order to reach goals, athletes train their bodies through sweat and perseverance and use their minds to focus on what they need to […]

Skin cancer on the rise because of sunscreen?

You might want to think twice before putting on traditional sunscreen this summer. Evidence has been mounting over the years that traditional sunscreen is actually bad for you and can do more harm than good. The controversy started in 1991 when Professor Johan Moan of the Norwegian Cancer Institute found that melanoma in Norway had […]

Summer Getaway: Plan a Paddling Adventure

Imagine propelling yourself downstream, maneuvering around rocks, and exploring undiscovered nooks and crannies in the waterway, while utilizing the strength in your back and upper body.  Paddling allows you to do all this, which is one reason it’s one of the fastest growing sport today. Starting Out Kent Ford, who has 20 years of teaching […]

Natural Products Giveaway at Films on the Rocks

In conjunction with the Films on the Rocks presentation of Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade at Red Rocks this week, 250 lucky attendees received free reusable shopping bags filled with innovative natural product samples, coupons and information. The free bags were given to recipients as they excited the event. Products represented in the giveaway […]