Natural Products Network Founder, Marketing Consultant and the First Natural Living TV Expert

facebook2Before Chelsea was born she was using natural products.  Her mother was a true pioneer of her time and only shopped natural and organic to provide a healthy start for her unborn baby. Shortly after Chelsea came into this world, her mother’s inclination toward healing helped her discovered New Age Foods owned by the prominent healer, Hanna Kroeger.

Chelsea grew up going to New Age Foods on Pearl Street on a weekly basis with her parents. Among the people who worked at the store included the founder of Celestial Seasonings Tea, Mo Siegel, who offered his delicious tea blends to customers.

Over the years, Chelsea became very close to Hanna and often was the youngest person to attend her various classes on how to utilize herbs, food and homeopathy to heal. When Hanna passed in 1998, Chelsea decided to continue to pursue her passion for natural living.

After graduating from University of Colorado, Chelsea worked as a health-focused writer and contributed articles to Rocky Mountain Sports Magazine, Delicious Living Magazine, Body-for-LIFE and Energy Magazine. Shortly thereafter, she landed a position at Wild Oats Market Corporate Office where she wrote marketing copy and created Wild Oats Markets online marketing department. At Wild Oats Markets, she utilized innovative social networking tactics (before Facebook and Twitter) to grow their online consumer network from 30,000 to 130,000 in a short period of time.

From her work with Wild Oats Markets she made a variety of connections, which built the foundation for her consulting work at C Results Communications. For nearly a decade, Chelsea has been working with a variety of standout natural brands building unique and successful programs. Working with so many diverse companies became the catalyst for launching the Natural Products Network, the first network of its kind to connect companies with consumers. Chelsea is also dedicated to growing her media presence as the First Natural Living TV Expert and has appeared on several prominent morning shows including Daybreak, Good Day Colorado, Everyday, Colorado’s Best, Good Day Sacramento, Arizona Midday, Atlanta and Company and Studio 10.

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