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September 29, 2011

The skin-changing Infotone Hydrating Mist!

Everyone is always on the hunt for the next skincare breakthrough, and we think that we have found it. The Infotone Hydrating Mist by AquaLiv is the first beauty product of its kind that utilizes  BioT™ Bioinformation Technology to heal and nourish skin from the inside out.

So how does it work? Inside each Mister is a ceramic ball that is encoded with the one-of-a-kind BioT™ Bioinformation Technology. This enables the ceramic ball to essentially “speak” to the water and imprint it with a number of benefits that are felt every time the water is misted over the face and body. It was developed over a decade by scientists devoted to uncovering a eco-friendly solution to revolutionize the beauty industry.

After using Infotone for one week, we noticed that our skin was tightening and had better texture and tone. Then, after using it for another week we noticed that blemishes had vanished and our skin felt more dewy, soft and delicious. After a full month of use, skin had a healthy glow and less wrinkles. And we aren’t alone in our assessment. Numerous top beauty and green living experts love the Infotone!  Best of all, is lasts for up to a year (you just continue to refill it with spring water) so it’s eco-fab as well. You want one? We thought you would!

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