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Connect with top natural influencers, increase sales and build your brand in exciting new ways.

Connect with Influencers and Cobranding

Reach more than 500 Influencers with an average reach of 50K who want to introduce their audiences to the best natural, organic and eco-friendly products. Often, we cobrand for the best results.

Discover New Customers

Target your exact consumer where they live and work! The NPN Influencer App uses localization to connect with target demographics and helps drive promotions.

Drive Deals in Creative Ways

Use the NPN network to deliver deals and coupon offers to your target consumer. Participate in viral campaigns where friends deliver deals to someone close to them. Find new ways to build customer relationships.

Reach Media and Retail Partners

Want to reach new media outlets and participate in large scale retail events?  The NPN will help you to connect with more than 200 natural media and retail contacts who are looking for innovative natural products.

Showcase Your Products on TV

Find editorial TV opportunities that enable you to showcase your products alongside other like-minded companies at no cost.

Participate in Amazing Events

Get your product featured in natural events without sending a rep. The NPN will book you in a variety of in-store and festival events featuring sampling, video coverage and celebrities.

If you represent a natural products company and are interested in learning more about joining the NPN, please contact us on Facebook. Companies must meet certain criteria before they are invited to join.


Since 2009, Natural Products Network has been a vital source for information about the latest and greatest natural products. We have appeared on over 100 TV segments on major networks, worked with more than 300 natural product companies and reached more than 10 million people.

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